FAITH PATH STEP: Prepare To Lead Your Child To Christ

• Age will vary: kit provided at Age 5+
• Even though we make this kit available to parents of children ages five and above, few children are ready to fully understand the gospel or make a faith decision at such a young age. Use this material to prepare yourself to be ready when your child expresses interest.

Watch the Video

Please watch the short video where you will hear from both experts and ordinary families as they describe the importance of being prepared to lead your child to Christ when ready and share practical suggestions from their experiences.

Get The Kit

We’ve included a guide that offers practical tips and what we consider to be some of the the best resources to help you feel more confident whenver that wonderful opportunity comes. The Prepare To Lead Your Child To Christ video and a booklet titled God Wants You in His Family will help to make that conversation easier.

More Information and Coaching

If you would like additional information or coaching on the Prepare to Lead Your Child to Christ Faith Path milestone, you can stop by and request this at the Faith@Home Center on Sunday mornings or choose the Contact link above and complete the email form.  

If your child is registered with Midland Free, you will receive an e-mail at select birthdays with information on how to get the free kit appropriate for his or her age. To confirm that we have birthday information on each child, please contact Krista Kloha at

If you would like additional coaching or information on leading your child to Christ, please contact the appropriate age level pastor by calling the church office at 631-4411.

Prepare To Lead Your Child To Christ Kit



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